The Soft Moon – ‘Deeper’

Album, Music, Reviews April 26, 2015

Originally published and still available on Gigslutz (20/03/15).

Having claimed that 2012’s Zeros was to be his last as a solo artist, it had to be a drastic change of life that made Luis Vasquez go back on his word. His cathartic move to Italy in 2013 sparked a change of pace and introspection that culminated in The Soft Moon’s third album Deeper, one which Vasquez claims to be his most emotional to date.

Working closely with producer Maurizio Baggio led Vasquez away from merely experimenting with the soundscapes of past, instead encouraging the musician to put more focus into the songwriting itself. It is apparent from the outset, with a surprising number of songs leaning towards murky ’80s-infused pop; the dance inclined ‘Far’ is as fast as it is sinewy, whilst ‘Feel’ too, could have easily been plucked from that era.

This is The Soft Moon however, and any immediate impressions of the loosening of intent can be rapidly shunned. If an industrial pop song that questions small banalities such as “Why are we alive?” is any indication, then what surrounds it touches on darker aspects. The foreboding throb of recent single ‘Black’ makes for a suffocating experience, the tinny percussion and Vasquez’ hushed utterances twisting the tension as the minutes tick by. The slow and eerie ‘Wasting’ is akin to an industrial-infused ballad, whilst the mournful piano intro of ‘Without’ touches upon loneliness.

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