Lowell – ‘We Loved Her Dearly’

Album, Music, Reviews April 26, 2015

Originally published and still available on The Girls Are (29/03/15).

You can be forgiven if you have never come across pop-chanteuse, Lowell, for despite her bold sound, outspoken nature and collaborations (most notably with super group Appartjik and ‘90s heartthrobs, The Backstreet Boys) she has yet to stamp her name on her Canadian homeland. It is merely a matter of time however; as the potion brews with the release of her debut album We Love Her Dearly, the artistic promise of Lowell – real name Elizabeth Lowell Boland – is set to bubble over sooner rather than later.

Monikered as “We Loved Her Dearly”, it is immediately apparent that Lowell is still caught in the throes of murdering her one-time alter-ego in the the 2014 song ‘I Killed Sara V’ and the corresponding EP of the same name. In fact, still so attached to a poignant moment of her past, ‘I Killed Sara V’ continues to exist on We Loved Her Dearly, like a ghostly spectre that continues to haunt, but hey – when such spectres are so charmingly incandescent, who really minds them hanging around?

Read the rest of my review over at The Girls Are.


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