Unsigned City: Birmingham

Features, Music November 26, 2014

Originally published and still available on Gigslutz (19/11/14).

Promoting unsigned artists is something we at Gigslutz feel extremely passionate about, with our regular ‘Unsigned Act Of The Week’ and ‘Ones To Watch’ features, as well as a wealth of reviews and premieres. Celebrating new artists, or even people who’ve been making music for years but not got the recognition they deserve, is something we pride ourselves on and feel is an integral part of what the world of music should be about. We therefore thought it would be a great idea to focus on the array of unsigned artists in different cities around the country and spread the word about the huge amount of talent that is out there! 

– Mari Lane, Assistant Editor & Unsigned Artists Editor


This week, Kayleigh takes a look at the unsigned scene in Birmingham… 

YOUTH MAN: Like your music coated with menace? If so, look no further than Youth Man and the pummeling punch that this trio’s noise exudes. From early 2012, the band’s aural and visual assault have torn through a swathe of inoffensive ‘indie’ rock of the city, standing out like a sore thumb for all the best of reasons. Fronted by Kaila Whyte – an impressive guitarist and committed vocalist – their raucous recent single ‘Joy’ is the best place to start. Sporting scathing lyrics and the riotous energy that their live sets are renowned for, this is blood and spit music. Be ready for it.

Read the rest of this article (feat. Table Scraps, UUOO and more) over on Gigslutz, along with more of my writing.


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