Celeste – More Please EP

EP, Music, Reviews October 26, 2014

Originally published and still available on The Girls Are (24/10/14).

Hot on the heels of the sensual FKA Twigs, the haunting sound of BANKS and the unabashed Y2K of LIZ, comes Celeste; another contributor to the recent R’n’B revival. The Texan native, who now calls Brooklyn her home, makes music that is the perfect amalgamation of throwback and contemporary; think punchy beats and bubbling bass lines overlaid with vocal attitude, all of which are crammed into her debut EP, More Please.

‘Why I Write’ is the perfect example, showcasing sharp lyrics and a rapid-fire delivery. In a similar vein, ‘More Lives’ accentuates Celeste’s southern twang, confidently reminiscing about her musical journey to the present and manifesting a variety of nicely contrasting vocal abilities in the process, whilst the brash, skittish and bass heavy ‘Classic’ has the properties of its name branded all over it.

Being able to call Ghostface Killah and Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan fans of your music is no mean feat, and it is perhaps the dexterity of both the Brooklyn songstress’ performance and songwriting that draws an audience in. Though obviously influenced by hip hop, there are, at times, a soul undertone when the New Yorker chooses to let her voice reign free and allows her voice to scale surprising heights along the course of the record.

As clearly implied in the title of the EP, Celeste is searching for more, and if the understated, confident bounce of this four track effort is anything to go by, her craving will be satisfied far sooner than anticipated. Devour with gluttonous relish.

Visit the original.


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