Antonio Paul – Modern Daze EP

EP, Music, Reviews September 12, 2014

Originally published and still available on CLAMOUR (07/09/14).

As is the curse of many a musician bred on the southern hemisphere, the quest for international recognition is often one comprised of potential, a dash of luck, and a fair bit of hustling. In the case of Australian duo Antonio Paul – with the hustle already grafted and their potential in hand – all they have left to cash in is their luck.

Antonio Paul - Modern Daze EPWith a firm following in their homeland and a storm brewing in the U.S, it is the turn of the UK to soak in their brand of eclectic indie-pop. Over the course of five songs, the duo – comprised of Marc Antonio and Michael Paul – shift from prospective chart hits to left-field pop; whilst the likes of ‘Ariel’ and ‘Made In China’ may be a tad too pop-punk for some, tracks such as the youthfully anthemic ‘Trash Party’ (complete with spoken word) and the glitchy and mellow social commentary of ‘Coloured Screens’ could easily morph (ironically) into a TV show soundtrack of the near future.

However, in listening it is quite clear that the nucleus of this collection is the EP’s title track, ‘Modern Daze’. Mixing understated dub, echoey vocals with a rumbling bassline, Antonio Paul have crafted a deliciously smooth and addictive slice of subtle and sophisticated pop, that succeeds in paying homage to their earlier work whilst pushing their sound forward into a more mature and individual direction. As a song, ‘Modern Daze’ is what marks Antonio Paul as an exciting find, and pins them down as what could possibly be a sign of pop to come.


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