Indiana – ‘Heart On Fire’

Music, Reviews, Singles August 28, 2014

Originally published and still available on The Girls Are (28/08/14).

Indiana, Heart On Fire, Epic

If we take a swift detour into the land of myth, the cryptozoologists amongst us would declare that the phoenix is a creature that is cyclically reborn upon incinerating its own demise. Ricocheting back to reality, it can be noted that electronic music mirrors this observation. Since the emergence of synthpop in the 1970s, electronica has boomeranged between the good and the bad for every decade since. For every experimental musician there was a multitude of cheap imitators cashing in on their quick buck, the latest culprit of such being the resurgence of artless EDM which has latched its claws into the charts. Luckily, it transpires that we are due a ’10s electronica revival (a quick glance down TGA’s Introducing segment shows a myriad of synthpop artists) and one thrilling addition to such is Indiana.

The Nottingham born siren has been slowly slinking her way up the UK charts thanks to her sophisticated and delectable synthpop. Breakthrough single ‘Solo Dancing’ saw her peak at number 14 last April, and now the singer-songwriter returns with the brooding ‘Heart On Fire’. Debuting as Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest Record’ (and rightly so!), ‘Heart On Fire’ is a throbbing, emotive wedge of electronica that merges tropical synths and textured percussion to create a lush and lucid piece of pulsating pop.

Indiana’s vocals meander between sultry, confessional whispers and a heavily bass toned command of Leave my heart on fire‘. Indiana’s folk lilt and proficiency in her choral craft could have easily curated something far less contemporary or interesting than the majestic spectrum of sound she has managed to concoct.

Upon closer inspection ‘Heart on Fire’ reveals itself as a dark introspective narrative of Lauren Henson’s fear of falling in love, and after naming her debut album No Romeo (a pseudonym that she gave to herself when writing) it can be expected that her forthcoming material will be equally multifaceted. It is both this honesty and occasional vulnerability that when combined with her confident musical stance makes Indiana a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps the future of electro pop is brighter than first assumed after all.


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