Be prepared, enter through the Magic Door

Content Writing August 11, 2014

A post written for the promotional purposes of Alfie Bird’s bar, eatery and venue, The Oobleck, during my internship. Original post can be read on their website (25/07/14).

It is acceptable to presume that, as children, each and every one of us was introduced to a mystical land through a magical wardrobe full of adventure and other-wordly creatures. Yes, we are referring to Narnia, and whilst that land may be a little too far out of reach now we have all aged past adolescence, it is not too late to experience a different kind of magic.

If you have never encountered Magic Door, then ladies and gentlemen, you are in for a treat. Since their inception in 2012, the mysterious troupe have traipsed across Birmingham and beyond with their love of spooky, disco and house and branding the land with glitter, and now – after a detour across Europe – they return to Birmingham to christen Alfie Bird’s. After sequenting events such as Lunar Festival and taking the party to the sea-hardy at Croatia’s The Garden Festival, the party-starters dock in for a total venue takeover, leaving their traces everywhere from the bar room and our venue The Oobleck to our terrance and poolside area.

The fun does not end at expanse however, as Magic Door bring their unique blend of loud music and elaborate hijinks to to the place, and being as Magic Door is – as they claim – most definitely not a metaphor, once you have been decked out in fancy dress and as much glitter and paint as you can handle by Magic Door’s Crafty Girls, it is time for you to discover the real hidden door.

Early bird tickets are £8 + booking fees and vary between £10 and £12 + booking fees for their second and final releases, and if you are brave enough, there is also a secret afterparty for the most daring. Afterparty tickets are £5 + booking fees and are of a limited availability.


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