Skaters – ‘Miss Teen Massachusetts’

Music, Reviews, Singles August 10, 2014

Originally published and still available on Renowned For Sound (12/02/14).

New York has been the epicentre of many a musical explosion. Time and again, bands and artists have burst forth from the city, reinventing the soundscape and tolling the bell for a new musical era. Skaters are one such band, a band typical of the post-noughties time abyss that look back to the past whilst shooting their arrow forward.

With their forthcoming debut album Manhattan about to be dropped, preceding it with an iconic banger of a track is more than logical. Miss Teen Massachusetts is one song that was almost purpose made to filter through the speakers of cliched indie discos across the land, and is by no means slighted for it. The swirling noise of the intro loops the listener in and prevents all attempts at escape; one listen to this song and it will have hoodwinked your brain into putting it on repeat.

As with all great bands of recent years, they take nostalgically familiar elements of favourite punk bands of their teenage years and jerk it about until it is just different enough to be appealingly fresh. The chorus is a killer, one that will have your screeching your lungs out over a bevvy or ten, aiding in the creation of something so jubilantly frisky that you will find your bones involuntarily possessed into pulling out some of the sharper dance moves that only your Dad would be proud of.

With songs this electrifying, Skaters are set to be jolted into everyone’s senses.

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