Interview: The Rebel Party Band

Content Writing, Music, Q+A August 10, 2014

A post written for the promotional purposes of Alfie Bird’s bar, eatery and venue, The Oobleck, during my internship. Original post can be read on their website (11/06/14).

Ever been to a party that has been so tepid that you have found yourself chatting to the host’s pets, or a wedding where the entertainment has been specifically catered towards your great Grandmother’s love of Cliff Richard? We’ve all been there, but that is no reason to expect every party to be that way. With Alfie Bird’s you always know that you are going to get something different, and with The Oobleck Oompah being a new hub for comedy, it needs – of course – a high calibre music act to match! Enter The Rebel Party Band, a Birmingham four-piece that turns your average event upside-down into a jolly knees up – perfect for The Oompah’s beer keller antics! Alfie’s caught up with frontman Pete Smyth ahead of their Friday (13th June) gig!

Read the interview here and stare at Alfie Bird’s amazing grub!


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